Project name:

Motorlife Insurance. Brand & Marketing Assets

Project description:

Motorlife is a new insurance product aimed at delivering premium vehicle insurance ‘with a difference’ for the target market of ‘European vehicle owners’. 

My role was to develop a brand identity and logo which had parity with the market and which positioned the brand as premium yet affordable. My inspiration for the brand was the instantly recognisable GTS stripes of performance cars.

Motorlife insurance covers many mechanical issues not generally covered by any other insurance company in the market.

That’s a massive point of difference and a very attractive package as anyone who owns a European car will know…!

I developed the logo, brand identity, sales collateral, dealer communications, brand guidelines, DM and partner presentations. 

The Motorlife brand was engulfed by an existing provider before it launched publicly and it was also the last time I gave extended credit to any more clients. Make of that what you will 🙂