Project name:

Geneious Biologics. Brand & Product Marketing Assets

Project description:

Geneious Biologics is a genetic analytics software product from Biomatters.

Biomatters had engaged in a brand workshop with an external agency, who had delivered a great logo, but the ‘product’ had no identity, visual platform or marketing assets for Geneious Biologics.

A key differentiator of this product is its incredible accuracy and precision. I explored the concept of precision as a brand anchor for the product, which was accepted and migrated across all marketing assets worldwide.

I worked with their head of marketing to produce a visual identity and marketing assets primarily for the US market, which included:

  • Visual Identity
  • Launch Website Design / Web Dev liaison
  • Brochures
  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • EDM (Campaign Monitor)
  • Trade Show stands, design and production
  • Powerpoint slides and templates

The analytic software environment is precise, rigorous and very technical. All brochures and communications required image manipulation, chart generation and infographics, which I produced to demonstrate the product’s capabilities.

I worked with the Geneious brand for 3 very enjoyable and fascinating years. And while I never fully understood the intricacies of genetic software, my work and relationship with the team leaders and business owners was a great experience and I continued to produce their work until the eventual business sale of Biomatters in late 2019.

> You can view their current website here