Project name:

Carbon Group. Campaign Development

Project description:

The Low Zone.

CG1004 low zone DM_Page_07 CG1004 low zone DM_Page_08

This project for the Carbon Group was developed whilst I was representing their agency – Redfire.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage and provide the tools for businesses to reduce their waste and carbon footprint during their normal work cycle.

My campaign concept was to drive businesses to see ‘How Low they could Go’ via a series of edgy tactical events, integrated DM, online, outbounding and localised media.

I developed the campaign typography, propositions, graphics, structure for comms, website and advertising. The designers at Redfire took my concepts and developed these really awesome designs which ultimately gave the project its ‘edge’ and visual identity.


The project was rolled out by catchment, so the first business cluster to utilise this was Victoria Quarter in Auckland.

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