Project name:

BMW. M3 Launch NZ DM

Project description:

M3 Launch NZ

This brief was commissioned via BMW’s agency at the time – Malville.
I was briefed to develop a campaign framework which utilised BMW’s existing CRM tools and tactical activities as well as develop the overall design work.
My starting point was to ‘track’ a new BMW from its initial ‘landing’ in NZ and to follow this sales process to fulfilment. Seeing a brand new Beamer arrive on these shores is pretty impressive.
The cars are wrapped with a protective skin, which is covered with all these lovely barcodes and lots of German stuff. What you do get from seeing this, is that the BMW really looks very exciting in this embryonic stage. The German stickers and warnings just scream ‘I’m quality-look after me’.

So that’s what I did.

The campaign followed an integrated use of EDM, DM, in-store and digital reach mechanics, supported by an exciting design piece with a great call-to-action-which was written in German.

Einfach nur super.