Project name:

Colliers. 125 Queen Street

Project description:

This is a Colliers International project, where my involvement was undertaken at the request of their advertising agency. My role was to build the brand and develop core marketing assets for the leasing of the property.

I have worked with the Colliers Commercial brand for 7 years as an employee of their independent agency.

125 Queen Street, Auckland is a commercial makeover project managed by Alexander & Co and Marchese Partners (Sydney). The vision is a state of the art corporate destination with retail and eateries beneath. The project has many considerations, since it is also a heritage site at street level with the original BNZ bank façade.

I designed and developed 2 distinct destination brands, which allowed each functional zone of the property to be marketed independently. The office tower is 125Q and the eateries and retail offer is Queen’s Rise. 125Q is marketed as ‘the next level’. I handled all the design, campaign development, art direction, core asset design and initial web architecture. All subsequent production and deployments are managed by Colliers’ agency.


These visuals show some of the developmental brand design work, and photos of the final 125Q brochure.